100M | Deadbolt Door Lock (non-magnetic)
N Series: National Keyway
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100DR   Olympus KBN-5B copper plated keys
100M includes all non-ferrous (non-magnetic) materials and parts.
Suitable for use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suites.
Includes copper plated, non-magnetic keys.

100DR extended (long) bolt

Extended (long)
bolt option
Above locks also available with extended bolt. See below for dimensions.
General Features:   Testing:
  • N Series: National Keyway
  • 100M MRI Series deadbolt door lock
  • All non-ferrous (non-magnetic) materials and parts
  • Suitable for use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging suites where all components must have non-magnetic properties
  • For standard locks see 200DW. For weather resistant locks see 200B.
  • Easily rekeyable via set screw cylinder release mechanism
  • Solid brass pin tumbler cylinder drilled for 5 pins
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 (E07121)
  • Barrel lengths: 15/16" or 1-3/8" specify barrel length when ordering
  • Barrel diameter: 7/8"
  • Standard function: locks are non-handed with key removable in the locked and unlocked position.
  • Optional key-retaining* function: Specify 100MKR for right-hand or 100MKL for left hand. NOTE: Specify right-hand or left-hand for key-retaining function only.
  • Optional extended bolt - Specify -LB option
  • 26D finish
  • Includes 56-1 bar strike
  • Packed 10 per box
  • US Patent Nos: 4,899,563; 4,920,774
  • WARNING (Proposition 65)
  • N Series: National Keyway
  • National D4291(4-pin) or D4292 (5-pin) keyway
  • KD/KA - 4 pin standard
  • KA# 101, 103, 107, 915
  • Master keyed - 5 pin standard
  • Includes keys (2 per lock)
  • Use N1 Pin Kit for rekeying
  • 5-pin copper plated keyblank = KBN-5B 
    (equivalent to NA12, 1069LA)

Available separately:   Documents:
  • 15-1-35 extended bolt increases the overall bolt length by 1-1/2"  (3/4" for both left- or right-hand bolt projections). Specify -LB option when ordering.
  • Spacer WP21, WP22, WP23
  • ETS2-125 Through-bolt trim plate 1/8" thickness
  • ETS2-250 Through-bolt trim plate 1/4" thickness
  • ETS2-PL Through-bolt trim pull
  • ETST2 Through-bolt trim spacer template

100M Standard Dimensions

100M Dimensions
with optional 15-1-35 extended bolt (specify -LB option)
see press release
cabinet door lock with extended bolt
100M cabinet door lock with extended bolt