720B-DM | Direct Drive Cam Lock
For Small Format IC Core
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BEST style direct drive cam lock     BEST style direct drive cam lock
Retrofits BEST 1E7D4 Direct Drive Cam Lock
Cams attach with two screws
Accepts BEST brand original cams
Machined solid brass lock body
Retrofits BEST 1E7D4
General Features:   Available Separately:
  • Cam lock (direct drive) - SFIC
  • Accepts Best, Arrow, Falcon or equivalent 6 or 7 pin small format interchangeable core cylinders
  • Retrofits Best original 1E7D4 slabbed direct motion cam lock
  • Works with BEST brand original cams
  • Standard function: direct drive, key removable in locked position only
  • Machined solid brass body
  • Cylinder diameter: 1-1/8
  • Across flats: 7/8"
  • Mounting cutout: 1-5/32"
  • Max. material thickness: 1-1/8"
  • Min. material thickness: 0.08"
  • 26D finish
  • Packed 10 per box
  • WARNING (Proposition 65)
  • 720-3-SC1 switch cam (see specifications below)
  • Trim collars for extending the face of the lock out from casework material
  • CL-MP-118 Double D Metal Punch (punches a 7/8" x 1-1/8" cutout in sheet metal for cam lock installation)


SPECIAL NOTE: For lost motion function (key removable in locked and unlocked position), please see 720LM/DM. 720B-DM is direct motion with key removable in the locked position only.

Cores for locks: Typical application:
  • All locks sold less core
  • Accepts Best, Arrow, Falcon or equivalent IC cores
  • See our IC core section for available cores
  • For use in metal applications
  • Examples include: metal drop boxes, electrical panel enclosures, medical carts, etc
Includes: Documents:
  • 725-1 spacer for 6 pin cores
  • 725-PA plastic actuator to operate lock without core
  • 720-3-D1 short cam (see specificaitons below)
  • TR201 trim (spacer) collar 1/8"
  • TR202 trim (spacer) collar 1/4"

720B-DM Dimensions

720B-DM Cams

Available Separately

Typical Metal Application
720B-DM typcial application