999 | Cabinet Door Latch Lock
N Series: National Keyway
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999L left hand door latch lock US26D   999L left hand door latch lock US4       999R right hand door latch lock US26D   999R right hand door latch lock US4
US26D                                  US4                                  US26D                                  US4
999L                                                                                  999R
Door Left-Hand                                                              Door Right-Hand
 See also the drawer version of this lock
General Features:   Available Configurations:
  • Cabinet lock - door latch lock
  • Field reversible into all 4 handings
  • Easily rekeyable via set screw cylinder release mechanism
  • Pin tumbler cylinder drilled for 5 pins
  • Barrel lengths: 1" or 1-3/8" specify barrel length when ordering
  • Barrel diameter: 7/8"
  • Locks are handed at the factory, specify right-hand or left-hand when ordering
  • 26D or US4 finish
  • Includes 999-STRIKE matching strike (stamped brass) with alignment mark for easy installation
  • Packed 10 per box
  • US Patent: 4,899,563; 7,874,189 B2
  • WARNING (Proposition 65)
  • Door, left-hand = 999L
  • Door, right-hand = 999R
  • NOTE: This lock is field reversible.  Handings can easily be changed via set screw. One lock can be changed to any of four handings: Door RH, Door LH, Drawer VH or Drawer, IH.
  • See our rehanding video instructions.
  • National Cabinet Lock D4291(4-pin) or D4292 (5-pin) keyway
  • KD/KA - 4 pin standard
  • KA# 101, 103, 107, 915
  • Master keyed - 5 pin standard
  • Use N1 Pin Kit for rekeying
  • 4-pin keyblank = KBN-4-NP (equivalent to NA14, 1069L)
  • 5-pin keyblank = KBN-5-NP (equivalent to NA12, 1069LA)
Available separately:   Documents:
  • Spacer WP24
  • Trim ring TR1256
  • ETS6 Through-bolt trim plate
  • ETST6 Through-bolt trim plate spacer/template
  • Rehanding from Door LH to Door RH or to Drawer Vertical VH or Drawer Inverted IH function
999 Dimensions (Left-Hand)
image image

999 Dimensions (Right-Hand)