Issue date: November 2011

T54C Cylinder Replacement Kit

The new T54C T-Knob Cylinder Replacement Kit replaces original CompX/National T-knob pin tumbler cylinders. You no longer need to replace the entire T-Knob lock, just replace the non-functional cylinder. Our replacement cylinder is all brass construction for increased durability. This is a 5-pin cylinder and can be easily keyed to match your existing 4-pin or 5-pin systems including our T37 T-bolt lock for metal bank drawers and our other National keyway products.

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Olympus Lock T54C Specifications
- Compatible with CompX/National C8154/C8155 T-knob locks
- Solid brass plug and plug housing
- Drilled for 5 pins
- Ships standard with empty chambers
- Custom keying available
- Includes 2 ringed 4-pin key blanks, 5-pin blanks are available separately
- Includes working top slide
- US26D finish
- Can be keyed to match National D4291 (4-pin) or D4292 (5-pin) key systems


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