Issue date: November 2012

Did you know... Olympus Lock's DCN & DCR series pin-tumbler cam locks
                 include these great user-friendly features?

DCN Series
DCR Series

DCN & DCR Cam Locks

Easy rekeyability: Allows for quick installation and increased productivity.
One inch face:
Covers chips in laminate without an additional trim ring.
Non-handed: Patented  (US Patent No. 5,737,950) cam shifting mechanism for field reversible locking positions... each cam works for right-hand, left-hand, vertical or inverted applications.
Only 2 cams required: Locks ship standard with one straight and one bent cam that work in all above locking positions. Additional cams are available for a variety of applications.
Anti-rotation plate: Eliminates lock rotation, prevents loosening of fixing nut, and provides added security in particleboard applications.
Finger pull: Optional finger pull eliminates need for additional cabinet pull and mounts on front of lock.
Lost motion or key retaining: Locks ship standard with lost motion cam driver. Optional cam drivers are available for key-retaining function.
Stock or custom keyed: DCN/DCR stocked in KD or KA, custom/master keying available.
Finish: DCN available in US26D, US3 or US10B. DCR available in US26D or US3.

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N Series: DCN
- National D4291/D4292 keyway
R Series: DCR
- CCL R1 keyway 



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