Issue date: December 2012

Did you know... Olympus Lock provides a complete line of small format interchangeable core lock bodies to accept standard SFIC cores
such as Best, Arrow, Falcon, KSP and others? See our complete line below.

SFIC cabinet lock bodies:
Olympus has been providing small format cabinet lock bodies to the locksmith and cabinet industries for more than 20 years. See our full range of SFIC products below.

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720 Series:  cam lock
721 Series (DR):  deadbolt door lock
721 Series (DW):  deadbolt drawer lock
722 Series:  sliding door/plunger lock
723 Series:  sliding glass cylinder housing
724 Series:
medical cart/file cabinet lock
725 Series (RD):  rim deadbolt
725 Series (RL):  rim latchbolt
725 Series (MD):  mortise deadbolt
725 Series (ML):  mortise latchbolt
728 Series:  mail box lock
729 Series:  showcase/ratchet lock
950 Series:  deadlatching drawer lock

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206/207 Series:  small format interchangeable cores

B7 Series:  3/4" utility cam lock (Best keyway A,E,F,G,J,K,L,R non-SFIC)

SFIC cabinet lock bodies