Issue date: February 2013

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See our new TRB7 Series spacer collars for use with B7 Series cam locks

B7 Series Cam Lock
>> Best keyway cam lock
>> Available in A, E, F, G, J, K, L & R keyways
>> Easy rekeyability
>> Patented cam shifting mechanism allows 2 cams to work in all locking positions
>> Includes one straight and one offset cam
>> Includes anti-rotation plate
>> 3/4 diameter

For more information:
>> B7 Series web page:  Best keyway cam lock on the web
>> B7 Series data sheet:  Best keyway cam lock product data sheet

  B7 Series Cam Lock
B7 Series Best Keyway Cam Lock

TRB7 Spacer Collars
>> TRB7 Series spacer collars are used on the front of the cabinet between the face of the lock and the face of the cabinet. Typical use is to pull lock forward on thin gauge wood or metal material.

For more information:
>> TRB7 Series web page
The TRB7 is available in three sizes:
TRB7-12 = 1/2"
TRB7-14 = 1/4"
TRB7-18 = 1/8"
  TRB7 Series Spacer Collars

             TRB7-12            TRB7-14          TRB7-18