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 L72V Latch Lock
Accepts Best-style small format
interchangeable core cylinders
  • Accepts Best-style small format 6-pin or 7-pin interchangeable core cylinders
  • Drawer latch lock function
  • Fits same mounting hole pattern as our 721DW and 950IC products
  • 1-1/4" barrel length
  • Includes lip strike
  • Available in US3 or US26D finish
  • L72V product page
  • L72V product data sheet
  • L72V catalog page
L72V Latch Lock
Available in
US26D or US3 finish

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Olympus Lock, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of easily rekeyable pin tumbler cabinet locks and interchangeable core cabinet lock bodies for a wide range of commercial and institutional applications. Our mission is to create pin tumbler cabinet locks and accessories of unparalleled innovation, quality, keyway compatibility, and value in manner which sets a new industry standard for excellence.