L78 | Cabinet Door Latch Lock
Less Cylinder L78L/R-LCA / L78L/R-LCM
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L78L Left Hand  L78L door latch lock US3    L78R door latch lock 26D  L78R door latch lock US3
US26D                            US3                                   US26D                               US3
L78L-LC                                                                  L78R-LC
Door Left-Hand                                                     Door Right-Hand

Accepts Schlage original/compatible key-in-knob cylinders.
Accepts Ilco key-in-knob replacement cylinder No. 1599
L78L-LCA / L78R-LCA = 1-1/8" barrel length
L78L-LCM / L78R-LCM = 1-3/8" barrel length
General Features:   Available Configurations:
  • Cabinet lock - door latch lock
  • Field reversible into all 4 handings
  • Easily rekeyable via cylinder release mechanism
  • Will accept other manufacturer's Schlage compatible deadbolt cylinders
  • L78 LCA: 1-1/8" barrel length
  • L78 LCM: 1-3/8" barrel length
  • Barrel diameter: 1-1/8"
  • Locks are handed at factory, specify right or left hand when ordering. Can be changed in the field.
  • 26D or US3 finish
  • Includes L78ST matching strike (stamped brass) with alignment mark for easy installation
  • Packed 10 per box
  • US Patent Nos: 4,899,563; 7,874,189 B2
  • WARNING (Proposition 65)
  • Door, left-hand = L78L
  • Door, right-hand = L78R
  • NOTE: This lock is field reversible.  Handings can easily be changed via set screw. One lock can be changed to any of four handings: Door RH, Door LH, Drawer VH or Drawer, IH.
  • See our rehanding video instructions

Available separately:   Documents:
  • 10-351 plastic spacers
  • TR78 trim ring
  • L78-KNOB optional thumb-turn for inside release. See picture at top right. Typically used in changing rooms.
Includes:   Videos
L78 LCA (1-1/8") lock includes:
  • 2 ea. 10-351 plastic spacers
  • L78ST-1 matching lip strike (stamped brass)
L78 LCM (1-3/8") lock includes:
  • L78ST-2 matching lip strike (stamped brass)
  • Rehanding from Door LH to Door RH or to Drawer Vertical VH or Drawer Inverted IH function
L78L Dimensions (Left-Hand)
L78R Dimensions (Right-Hand)