Bumper plate for use with DCP and DCP500
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Protects face of cabinet from padlock
Polished Stainless Steel (SS) or Brushed Stainless Steel (US26D) Finishes
         DCP Bumper Plate

DCP-SP2                               DCP-SP1
Left-hand                             Right-hand
Shown in US26D finish
DCP-SP2 (left-hand) available June 2018
General Features:   Documents:
  • Padlock bumper plate
  • Protects front of cabinet from padlock
  • Works with Olympus DCP and DCP500 padlockable cam locks
  • Ideal for locker applications
  • Available for right-hand or left-hand cabinet doors
    (Note: LH version coming June 2018)
  • Size: 3.937" wide x 2.913" high
  • Thickness: .0456"
  • Polished stainless steel (SS) or brushed/satin (US26D) finish
  • Works with DCP padlockable cam lock
  • Works withDCP500 padlockable cam lock with finger pull
  • WARNING (Proposition 65)



  • Adhesive sheet to protect finish and two screws for mounting

DCP-SP1 Dimensions
For use on right-hand doors
Olympus DCP-SP-1

DCP-SP2 Dimensions
For use on left-hand doors
Olympus DCP-SP2