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N Series - National Keyway
Brass Padlocks

Easily rekeyable

Available in standard or long shackle lengths

PN50 and PN50LS

Product data sheet
Coming March 2019!
PN50 Padlock   PN50LS
PN50                    PN50LS

Heavy duty slotted strike
Stainless steel
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Product data sheet

Weather Resistant Locks
For use in undercover
outdoor areas

N Series
(National Keyway)
100B and 200B

N Series
(National Keyway)
500B and 600B
100B           200B
100B                     200B
100B           200B
500B                     600B

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New Keyed Alike Numbers
For 100DR, 200DW, DCN and T37
N Series (National Keyway)
Cabinet Locks
New Keyed Alike Numbers

100DR, 200DW and DCN Series
4 New KA#s 51001, 51002, 51003, 51004

T37 Series
10 New KA#s 51001, 51002, 51003, 51004, 51005,
51006, 51007, 51008, 51009, 51010, 51011

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New SK-004
Parts & Accessories Kit

This kit contains a sampling of our most popular cabinet lock parts and accessories. The kit comes in its own plastic, 2 level case with parts marked and separated by dividers. Provides additional room for extra locks and accessories.
Product Data Sheet
SK-004 Parts and Accessories Kit

Now Available

November 2016
Full Line Catalog

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L20V Drawer Latch Lock
N Series drawer latch lock with 5/16" latch. Available in US26D for drawer applications. For door function, turn lock 90 degrees. Available KD or KA 101, 103, 107 or 915 on National Keyway. Master keying available.

L20V Product Data Sheet

In Stock

200DW/600DW extended bolt
Extended Bolt for 200DW / 200M or
600DW / 600M
New extended bolt for use with Olympus 200DW, 200M. 600DW and 600M drawer locks.

100DR/200DW Product Data Sheet

100M/200M Product Data Sheet
500DR/600DW Product Data Sheet
500M/600M Product Data Sheet

In Stock
New 1" long heavy duty straight cam for use with Olympus DCN, DCR or B7 series cam locks.

DCN/DCR/B7 Cams Product Data Sheet

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720B-DM direct drive cam lock

Solid brass, direct drive cam lock. Equivalent to BEST 1E7D4. Cams attach with two screws. Typical usage is for metal applications. Includes TR201, TR202 trim collars, short direct drive cam and plastic actuator. Works with BEST original cams.

720B-DM Product Data Sheet

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Non-ferrous (non-magnetic) cabinet locks for MRI applications

National keyway:
 100M / 200M

 CCL R1 keyway:
 500M / 600M 
Non-ferrous (non-magnetic locks for MRI applications. See our MRI sales sheet for
more information.

100M  or 500M                200M  or  600M

View Press Release.

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New Extended Bolt

100DR, 100M, 500DR and 500M cabinet door locks. Increases overall bolt length by 1-1/2"
100DR with extended bolt

cabinet door lock with extended bolt
WARNING (Proposition 65)