ETS1-PL | Cabinet Pull
For use with large pin cabinet locks
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ETS1-PL Assembly
Above shown assembled with lock
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  • Integrates a cabinet pull with the Olympus ETS1 Series reinforcing trim spacers
  • Works with 1-1/8" diameter cabinet locks 700LC, 700SC, 721DR, 721DW, 754, 777, 800LC, 800SC, 850SC, 850LC, 854, 888, 931DR, 931DW, 950IC
  • Requires the use of ETS1 Series reinforcing trim spacer. The ETS1 Series reinforcing trim spacers allow for through-bolt mounting of Olympus cabinet locks
  • Works for both door and drawer applications
  • If mounted "pull down" in drawer applications, the pull will protect the face of the cabinet from hanging keys
  • Works with the existing ETST1 reinforicing trim spacer template
  • Through-bolt mounting increases security of installation through reinforcement of cabinet face and direct connection of lock mounting screws to external reinforcing trim spacer's binder posts
  • Available in US3 and 26D finishes
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ETS1-PL Installed
ETS1-PL (26D or US3)
ETS1-PL installed with ETS1 Series
Reinforcing Trim Spacer