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New! Training Series Videos

Cabinet Lock Tools, Parts & Accessories
    CL-MP-118 & CL-HIT-25 Tools, Keying kits, Sample/Product kits,
    Display Boards, Strikes, Spacers, Trim Collars, Through-Bolt Mounting Plates,

DCN/DCR/B7 Cam Locks
    Product Features  
    Preparation for Rekeying
    Cam assembly (Standard or Key-Retaining)

N078 / R078 Series Locks
    Rehanding door locks LH to RH / RH to LH
    Installing optional bolts
T37 T-Bolt Metal Bank Drawer Locks
    Available Accessories  
    Preparation for Rekeying

100DR, 200DW, 500DR, 600DW Deadbolt Locks
    Preparation for Rekeying
    Key-Retaining Conversion 
    Optional Extended Bolt Installation

300SD / 400SD Sliding Door Plunger Locks
    Preparation for Rekeying

329R / 429R Showcase Ratchet Locks
    Preparation for Rekeying

999/998/997/996 Series Reversible Latch Locks
    Re-handing door to drawer / drawer to door function

1-1/8" Diameter Cam Locks
Cam Assembly (Standard or Key-Retaining)
    Parts and Accessories

721 Series Locks
   Converting from Door to Drawer Function
   Converting from Drawer to Door Function
   Converting to Door Key Retaining Function
   Converting to Drawer Key Retaining Function

700/800 Series Locks
   Cylinder Installation (standard function)
   Key-Retaining Conversion
   Less Cylinder Lock Features & Accessories

829R Series Locks
   Preparation for rekeying

L78 Series Reversible Latch Locks
   Re-handing door to drawer / drawer to door function
Standard function = key removable in the locked and unlocked position
Key-retaining function = key removable in the locked position only

Other Videos

Keyway Compatibility
Commercial Keyway Showcase/Ratchet Locks
Rekeying N and R Series Locks

DCN/DCR/B7 Locks
T37 T-Bolt Locks
Schlage Keyway/Less Cylinder Locks
Large (1-1/8") Diameter Cam Locks
    Item# 720,820,920,SA54,CR25,ME93,YA93
WARNING (Proposition 65)